INNOVATE® Gainesville Vol. 1

From the University of Florida to the Butterfly Rainforest, Gainesville is as innovative as it is diverse. INNOVATE® Gainesville explores the city’s innovation ecosystem in 200+ pages of tech-enabled features, focusing especially on industries and ventures that make the city unique.

While Gainesville is known for its educational institutions, INNOVATE® Gainesville showcases such programs as UF Innovate, and Innovation Academy, University of Florida – Alachua County, among others, revealing just how deep those roots reach—and the way they reach always toward innovation.

In Gainesville and in the pages of INNOVATE® Gainesville alike, you’ll find brio! Cold Brew, Admiral VRM (Visitor Relationship Management); and Paracosm, who create handheld, ultra-fast 3D scanners.

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