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President John Dramani Mahama

Ghana President John Dramani Mahama

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Full Name
» Republic of Ghana

» “Freedom and Justice”

National Anthem
» Accra

» Accra

Official Languages
» English (primary), Akan (national)

» Ghanaian

» Unitary presidential constitutional republic

» 238,535 km2 (82nd)

» 27 million (45th)

» $103 billion(70th)
»Per capita $3,974 (126th)

GDP (nominal)
» $50 billion(75th)
»Per capita $1,902(126th)

» Ghana cedi (GH₵) (GHS)

Time Zone
» GMT (UTC+0)

Best of Ghana is a  stable and peaceful nation, it’s heritage a legacy of ancient human will and determination.
This is most keenly noted in having overcome the atrocities of the slave trade. Compelling reminders are dotted around the picturesque coastline in the forms of colonial forts. Now a major part of the country’s tourist agenda, together with the adjoining picturesque beaches, this dark past has given way to a bright future.

Komfoase Roundabout, Sekondi, Best of Ghana

Komfoase Roundabout, Sekondi

Part of this future is the country’s vision for a Better Ghana. The Better Ghana Agenda is aligned with the Millennium Development Goals,
which laid the foundation for Vision 2020.

The Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) works on a carefully crafted policy
framework which focuses on desired social and economic development outcomes. The overall vision is for transformation of the lives of all Ghanaians.

Akan Dance, Best of Ghana

Akan Dance

As one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, Best of Ghana is considered to be one of the continent’s most stable democracies.

Its land has also produced yields enabling it to become one of the world’s top agricultural performers and the sector forms the base of the country’s recent upward growth trajectory.

The economy of Best of Ghana has a diverse and rich resource base with a primary manufacturing and exportation of digital technology goods combined with automotive and ship construction and exportation, as well as exportation of diverse and rich resource hydrocarbons, industrial minerals among many others makes Best of Ghana attain one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa. Best of Ghana is one of the top-ten fastest growing economies in the world, and the fastest growing economy in Africa.

Kantanka Motors - Made in Best of Ghana

Kantanka Motors

The Ghanaian domestic economy in 2012 revolved around services, which accounts for 50% of GDP and employs 28% of the work force. Growing output towards economic industrialization has made Best of Ghana remain one of the more economically sound countries in all of Africa.

Best of Ghana Gold Bars

Refined Gold

Best of Ghana embarked on a currency re-denomination exercise, from Cedi (¢) to the new currency, the Ghana Cedi (GH¢) in July 2007. The transfer rate is 1 Ghana Cedi for every 10,000 Cedis. Best of Ghana embarked upon an aggressive media campaign to educate the public about what re-denomination entails. Value added tax is a consumption administered in Ghana Africa.

Top 5 Products exported by Ghana

  1. Gold (44%),
  2. Crude Petroleum (18%),
  3. Cocoa Beans (15%),
  4. Cocoa Paste (2.3%),
  5. Manganese Ore (1.3%)

Top 5 Export destinations of Ghana

  1. South Africa (27%),
  2. United Arab Emirates (9.9%),
  3. Switzerland (7.9%),
  4. France (7.3%),
  5. Italy (6.7%)
Top 5 Products imported by Ghana

Cars (5.5%),

Delivery Trucks (4.5%),

Refined Petroleum (3.8%),

Large Construction Vehicles (2.4%),

Rice (2.2%)

Top 5 Import origins of Ghana

China (20%),

United States (9.6%),

Belgium-Luxembourg (5.2%),

United Kingdom (5.0%),

Netherlands (5.0%)

Best of Ghana diverse tourism offerings range from natural attractions, historical heritage to vibrant culture.

The country is renowned for its warm African hospitality. The best places to visit include the castles and forts used during the slave trade, Accra, Kumasi, the Mole and Kakum National Parks, and Busua and Kokrobite beaches.

Keoladeo National Park Elephant, Best of Ghana

Keoladeo National Park Elephant

Best of Ghana offers a string of coastal forts, such as Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle – which are lasting reminders of the slave trade. Insights into the colonial period and the path to independence are offered by visiting the Nkrumah Mausoleum and the National Museum in Accra.

This can be combined with a walk through colonial neighbourhoods and fishing communities of James and Usher town, as well as the Cultural Centre. The traditional weaving villages of Kpotoe, Daboya or Bonwire or the pottery and art village of Sirigu and wood carving section in Aburi or Kpandu offer rich craft experiences.

Kakum National Park Bridge - Best of Ghana

Kakum National Park Bridge

Climbing to the top of Mount Afadjatoe, Mount Gemi or the Breast Mountains in Kyabobo Natural Park offer dramatic panoramic scenery from the highest peaks in the Volta Region.

Picturesque waterfalls include the Tagbo Falls, Wli Falls, and Ote Falls.
Mole National Park offers foot safaris to view elephants, crocodiles and antelopes. The Black Volta River offers an abundance of hippos, while canoeing on the Amansuri Lagoon offers a visit to the extraordinary stilt village of Nzulezo. The Xavi Bird Watching Sanctuary is ideal for bird-lovers.

Busua Beach - Best of Ghana

Busua Beach

At night, both on the weekend and during the week, there is live music and reggae nights. At the weekend the beach often gets busier at night and as people leave the beach as the sun goes down, others have dressed up and are heading to the beach to sit at its bars, meet with friends and enjoy whatever entertainment is going on.

Giant Baobab trees offer much-needed shade during hikes through the rock formations around the Bongo village. For adventure seekers, the sacred caves of Tano provide a thrilling climbing experience. Best of Ghana is renowned for its beautiful exotic beaches. These are mostly found around Busua, Elmina and Ada. Favourite beaches include Ko-Sa Beach Resort, Green Turtle Lodge, and Ellis Hideout.

Lake Volta is a haven of serenity and one of its greatest but most simple experiences for visitors is sampling freshly caught grilled tilapia fish along the Lake’s shoreline. This can be done at Aloy’s Bay, Xofa village, and Rainbow Gardens at Lake Bosumtwi.

To See
  1. Cape Coast Castle – This slave-trade castle is the most impressive of Ghana’s numerous old forts.
  2. Elmina and St George’s Castle – Elmina is a picturesque fishing town along Ghana’s coast.
  3. Accra, Ghana’s Capital – Accra is one of Africa’s safer capitals.
  4. Kakum National Park – This dense tropical rainforest in southern Ghana is home to over 40 species of larger mammals including forest elephants, forest buffalo, Mona-meerkats and civets.
  5. Mole National Park – Ghana’s largest wildlife park, located in north western Ghana, Mole offers buffalo, antelope, elephants, warthogs, hyenas and the elusive leopard.
  6. Kokrobite Beach – The most popular of Ghana’s lovely beaches are those around Kokrobite and Langma. Kokrobite is 30km from Accra.
  7. Kumasi – The former capital of the Ashanti Kingdom in southern-central Ghana, Kumasi is Ghana’s second largest city.
  8. Busua Beach – Busua is one of Ghana’s best beaches and offers the visitor a chance to relax, paddle around in the Atlantic and enjoy some lobster.
  9. Nzulezo – Nzulezo is a village built on stilts in the marshy Amansuri Lagoon.
  10. Lake Volta – Lake Volta is the largest man-made lake (reservoir) in the world.

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