Best of Mumbai – Volume 01

Best of Zimbabwe – Volume 01
Best of Zimbabwe – Volume 01
Best of Ethiopia - Volume 01
Best of Ethiopia – Volume 01
Best of Mumbai - Volume 01


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Meet the team

Sandhya Mendonca

Editor in Chief India

Sven Boermeester

International Group Publisher



We brand and build the image of the world’s most exciting economic regions to affect a change in the perception of a continent, a nation, a city and its people by the rest of the world.

Global Village India is India’s premier platform for showcasing and networking governments, leading companies and entrepreneurs in business, tourism and lifestyle. The ‘Best of series’ books crisply profile leading companies and innovators, as leaders within their genre. We celebrate the success of countries, individuals and companies with ‘the good news’ editorial and pictorial imagery in the highest quality print format available.



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Sandhya Mendonca

Best of Bangalore - Editor-in-Chief

We are delighted to present the second edition of BEST OF BANGALORE.Within these glossy pages illustrated with beautiful visuals, our team of diligent researchers and writers, along with industry experts narrate different aspects of Bangalore’s resurgent growth story.

Thapelo Letsholo

Africa Group Publisher

The year 2014 marks 100 years since the naming of Nigeria. The nation is steeped in rich cultural and political history. Although the journey has been marred by turmoil and upheaval, the diversity and richness is cause for celebration.

Phylis J Kandie

Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism

Best of Kenya Vol. III is, naturally, dedicated to our Golden Jubilee. It asks us to celebrate for this once in a lifetime occasion; to reflect because history has lessons and to rejuvenate in order to meet new struggles and challenges. It is an interesting read which captures the spirit of the nation at this time and still manages to set the right tone going forward. I find the alphabetical rendition of Kenya’s history quite innovative and friendly.

Hans W Ittmann

Executive Director, CSIR Built Environment, Pretoria, South Africa

The Soccer World Cup was by all accounts a major success and by far the highlight for South Africa in 2010. Concurrently, the world economy has been slow at recovering.Nevertheless all the signs are there that matters are improving. The importance of solid supply chain strategies is always clearest during and after a recession.

Marius Swanepoel

Chief Executive Officer, IMPERIAL Logistics, a division of IMPERIAL Group (Pty) Ltd

 Over the past year, the strategic importance of Africa and specifically, South Africa, as a trade hub has consistently been reinforced. Now a formal member of emerging market leadership, BRICS, the country plays a key role in the recovering global economy. However, there are still significant hurdles to be cleared if we were to heighten our global competitiveness.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama

The President of Ghana

Ghana’s successes are celebrated in this inaugural edition of Best of Ghana – as an indelible reminder of all that we have achieved as a nation; and in return, inspiring us to continue growing and developing. By showcasing ongoing successes, Best of Ghana circulates the stories which further inspire positive action.

The Right Honourable Dr. Hage G. Geingob

Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia

It is my honour and pleasure to welcome all to the second volume of the “Best of Namibia” – a compilation which so appropriately celebrates all that our unique land has to offer and all that we have achieved as a nation.

John Doe

Muffin Group

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Joan Avina


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Tom Johnson


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Hon Tshekedi Khama

Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism

Botswana is renowned as a beacon of stability, not only within its region, but also within the African continent. The progress the country has made is as a result of stringent and systematic steps which have evidently overflowed into socio-economic development, opening the country up for business.

His Excellency Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama

President of the Republic of Botswana

For nearly five full decades now it has been the power of this simple fact, the ability of citizens to freely exercise the wisdom of their democratic will, which has assured our nation’s steady progress.

Thapelo Letsholo

SADC Group Publisher

Zimbabwe’s true light is breaking through.Best of Zimbabwe carries the story of Zimbabwe’s achievements and successes by celebrating the glorious land and her colourful people – capturing the good news and progressive strides to share on a world stage.

Thapelo Letsholo

Africa Group Publisher

Best of Ethiopia offers a vision of the country’s future whilst profiling its past and progress.This serves as a promotion and showcase of the country and its vast opportunities - sharing the best of Ethiopian business, agriculture, industry, governance and tourism to the world.

Gordon Dale

Muffin Group

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Thapelo Letsholo

CEO Proudly African

Proudly African is an initiative of Global Village Africa which is a marketing and business platform geared towards showcasing and harmonising Africa’s development, trade and cultural diversity to a global audience.This is where the BEST OF AFRICA organisations unite, promoting their vision customers, partnerships and joint ventures - so as to grow alongside the continent’s indisputable economic potential.

Thapelo Letsholo

SADC Group Publisher

Best of Zimbabwe Volume 2 is a showcase of Zimbabwe’s boundless investment opportunities and a promotion of all that the country has to offer. These pages are a continued exhibition of the very best of Zimbabwean business, industry and tourism – all packaged in a sensory pictorial display.

Hon Dr. Abdallah Kigoda

Minister for Industry and Trade

As Minister for Industry and Trade, I am honoured to present a compilation of the best that our extraordinary country has to offer in this second edition of “Best of Tanzania”.

Richard Kasesela

Chairman Mining Advisory Board, MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINERALS

We highly welcome investors in the mining sector and other extraction resources available in Tanzania.

Aurélie Filippetti

Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication

I am happy to join the release of the Best Of Paris, created to promote the City of Paris, highlighting the skills and art of French living and “savoir faire”.

Judith Beller


You are holding in your hands the first volume of BEST OF PARIS, a prestigious publication, a true ambassador of Paris, the capital city of lights and glamour.

His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata

President of the Republic of Zambia

It is my honour and pleasure to welcome all to the second volume of the “Best of Zambia” – a compilation which so appropriately celebrates all that our unique land has to offer and all that we have achieved as a nation.

Thapelo Letsholo

Africa Group Publisher

‘Best of Zambia Volume 2’ offers a glimpse into the country’s rapid growth and development through a showcase of the country’s growing number of opportunities - sharing the best of Zambian business, industry and tourism with the world.

Honourable Minister Kanimba François

Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM)

We are proud to share with the world our beautiful country and its many possibilities. As Rwandans, we have long known the potential of our country and we have now begun to see the rest of the world acknowledging this. The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) shares the same ideals as the Best of Rwanda project and we hope to see new stories of success come to light in the pages that follow.

Thapelo Letsholo

Africa Group Publisher

Best of Rwanda offers a glimpse into the country’s future. It is a promotion and showcase of the country and its opportunities – sharing the best of Rwandan business, industry and tourism to the world.

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