Innovate Bristol Volume 1

Bristol, with its exciting Innovation Ecosystem, is the first city in the UK to join the international Innovate family. Innovate Bristol highlights and celebrates those companies and individuals that are actively working at building a better tomorrow for all. Innovation Ecosystems thrive through the involvement and support of companies and individuals from all industries, which is why the Innovate series not only focuses on the innovators but also those people whom the Innovation Ecosystem, would not be able to thrive without.

Bristol has established itself as one of Europe’s top tech hubs and Innovate Bristol, a premium AR-enabled coffee table book, captures the companies that have made it possible. The stories of Bristol’s most innovative organisations and innovation enablers provide a snapshot of the city as it grows and evolves.

The stories featured in Innovate Bristol were selected by nomination only, ensuring an authentic representation of Bristol’s Innovation Ecosystem. Most features are AR-video enabled, allowing these stories to come alive on the screen of any smartphone, inviting readers to learn more about those on the front lines of making Bristol a world-class tech hub.

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