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Our mission is to proudly showcase the Best of every Nation, their Cities and its People to the World

We are an ever growing tribe of media entrepreneurs, colleagues and friends that publish the Best of the World and Leaders in Industry series of books both in print and online.

In today’s worldwide market, every country, city and region must compete with others for a share of the world’s skilled work force, top entrepreneurs, tourists, exports, and investors.

Please join us in promoting your country as we make the Globe our Village.

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Sven Boermeester
Group Publisher

Sandhya Mendonca

India | Sri Lanka

Aditya Mendonca


Sven Boermeester


John Lim


Murat Psheunov


Alexander Zhilov


Aneek Saleh Mohammad


Amit Sen


Global Village

Sven Boermeester

Group Publisher

Thapelo Letsholo

Proudly African

Gia Bischofberger

Proudly African

Sandhya Mendonca

Proudly India

Judith Beller

Proudly Europe

Lisa Durante

Proudly Arabian

Charles Neil

Proudly Arabian

Ehab A. Toman

Proudly Egypt

Karl Hougaard

International Strategy

Christina Sloan

Proudly Florida

Alfonso Tejerina

Proudly Peru

Matthew C. Davis

Proudly Americas

Tom Willat

Proudly Americas

Cristian San Emeterio

Proudly Mexico

Sergio Autrey

Proudly Mexico

Francisco Martínez Román

Proudly Caribbean

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