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» Russia

» Moscow

Official Language


»Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic

»2,511 km2 (970 sq mi) 83rd


»$3.458 trillion (6th)
» Per capita -$24,067 (53rd)

GDP (nominal)
»$1.176 trillion (15th)
» Per capita -$8,184 (74th)

»Russian ruble (RUB)

Time Zone
»MSK (UTC+03:00)

Moscow is the capital city and the most populous federal subject of Russia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural and scientific center in Russia and in Eastern Europe.


According to Forbes 2013, Moscow has the largest number of billionaire residents in the world, has been ranked as the ninth most expensive city in the world by Mercer and is one of the world’s largest urban economies, being ranked as an alpha global city according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and is also one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index.

Kremlin Palace 1

Moscow is the northernmost and coldest megacity and metropolis on Earth, the most populous city in Europe, and the 8th largest city proper in the world, as well as the largest amongst high-income economies.

It is home to the Ostankino Tower  the tallest free-standing structure in Europe; Mercury City Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Europe and the Moscow International Business Center.

It is the largest city in Russia, with a population of 12,111,194 people (2014).  By its territorial expansion on 1 July 2012 southwest into the Moscow Oblast, the capital increased its area 2.5 times; from about 1,000 square kilometers (390 sq mi) up to 2,511 square kilometers (970 sq mi), and gained an additional population of 233,000 people.

Moscow has one of the largest municipal economies in Europe and it accounts for approximately 22% of Russian GDP. As of 2009, the GRP in Moscow reached 7.16 trl roubles  ($225 bln).

Moscow Russia-Yamal LNG-Novatek 2

Moscow is the undisputed financial center of Russia and home to the country’s largest banks and many of its largest companies, such as natural gas giant Gazprom.

Moscow accounts for 17% of retail sales in Russia and for 13% of all construction activity in the country. Since the 1998 Russian financial crisis, various business sectors in Moscow have shown exponential rates of growth.

Many new business centers and office buildings have been built in recent years, but Moscow still experiences shortages in office space. As a result, many former industrial and research facilities are being reconstructed to become suitable for office use.

Russia Largest Plane

The Cherkizovskiy marketplace was the largest marketplace in Europe, with a daily turnover of about thirty million dollars and about ten thousand

The Cherkizovskiy marketplace was the largest marketplace in Europe, with a daily turnover of about thirty million dollars and about ten thousand vendors from different countries (including China, Turkey, Azerbaijan and India).

It was administratively divided into twelve parts and covers a wide sector of the city. Since July 2009 it has been closed.

Russia is ranked 45 with an Economic Complexity Index (ECI) of 0.531661

Top 5 Products exported by Russia

  1. Crude Petroleum (39%),
  2. Refined Petroleum (15%),
  3. Petroleum Gas (9.1%),
  4. Coal Briquettes (3.0%),
  5. Semi-Finished Iron (1.5%)

Top 5 Export destinations of Russia

  1. Netherlands (9.2%),
  2. China (8.1%),
  3. Germany (6.5%),
  4. Ukraine (5.7%),
  5. Belarus(5.4%)

Top 5 Products imported by Russia

  1. Cars (7.3%),
  2. Packaged Medicaments (3.4%),
  3. Vehicle Parts (3.2%), Computers(2.2%),
  4. Delivery Trucks (1.4%)

Top 5 Import origins of Russia

  1. China (15%),
  2. Germany (14%),
  3. Ukraine (5.5%),
  4. Belarus (4.6%),
  5. Japan (4.4%)

The very founding site of the city (and arguably, the country), the Kremlin and Red Square are still at the heart of Moscow – historically, geographically and spiritually.

Feel the weight of this significance as you wander within the walls of the ancient fortress, marvel at the mind-boggling magnificence of St Basil’s Cathedral and pay your respects to the revered leader of a now-defunct state.

Moscow will move you. She’ll tantalise your senses, soothe your spirit, and boggle your mind, and it all starts right here.

What is more thrilling than watching a nimble ballerina defy gravity, as she leaps and spins across the stage at the glittering Bolshoi Theatre?

Or feeling the force of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, just a few blocks away from where it premiered more than a century ago? Or oohing and aahing as circus performers soar under the big tent? The classical performing arts in Moscow are still among the best in the world.

Nowadays, even the most traditional theatres are experimenting with innovative arrangements, reviving lost favourites and hosting world premieres. Whether you appreciate the classics or experiment with the contemporary, the capital’s performing arts are sure to impress.

To See
  • The central part of Moscow Part located in and around the Garden Ring. The major historical development, a large number of monuments, sites, and objects.
  • Most attractive to tourists and travelers. Includes the Moscow Kremlin and China-town, the area within the Boulevard Ring, Arbat East (Арбат), Basmanny West (Басманный), Khamovniki North (Хамовники), Krasnoselsky South (Красносельский), Meshchansky South (Мещанский), Presnensky (Пресненский), Tagansky (Таганский), Tverskoy (Тверской), Yakimanka (Якиманка), Zamoskvorechye (Замоскворечье) raions. It has subdistricts: Moscow Central-East, Moscow Central-North, Moscow Central-South & Moscow Central-West.
  • Moscow Outskirts
    The Outskirts part of the city include areas from Moscow’s Garden Ring to Moscow Ring Road (MKAD)
  • Zelenograd and New Moscow
    Consists of City of Zelenograd (Зеленоград), a northwestern satellite settlement, and territory added to Moscow on July 1st, 2012, colloquially called New Moscow, consisting of Novomoskovsky (Новомосковский) & Troitsky (Троицкий) Administrative Okrugs, to the southwest of the “Old” Moscow.






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